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Scene of Crime app

Client: Dr John W Bond OBE, Depart­ment of Crim­i­nol­ogy at the Uni­ver­sity of Leicester

Chal­lenge: to create a mobile app prototype which allows the accurate recording of crime of a scene evidence, to maintain a chain of evidence which is not as time consuming or resource hungry as the current one. This is all vital in providing evidence in the pursuit of a successful conviction.

Solu­tion: the app prototype allows a Crime of Scene Examiner to accurately record a crime scene, record audio, transcribe notes, attach photos and print evidence label directly from the hand held device they are carrying. This information will then be able to be synced with the police force’s IT systems, negating the need to transcribe work, speeding up the recording process and reducing errors. The chain of evidence is maintained and the chance of errors is lowered. The app has been developed in consultation with UK and US police forces and is a collaboration between Kuku and the University of Leicester.

Result: the blueprint to an app which will allow the ability to transmit information remotely, in real time from the crime scene. Reducing the chance of errors and incomplete record by removing the duplication of paper based activities at the crime scene.

More:  We are currently offering police forces the opportunity to trial the prototype app – if this is of interest please email lucy@kukuapps.com


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